How to win world cup prize through let’s chat Application

World cup prize through let’s chat Application.

Today we will introduce you with Application you can get prize during this time of world cup currently doing in Qatar.

If you have Android phone and you never enjoy any prize this is the right time for you to enjoy this serious prize.

But you have to download the application name Let’s chat.
Click the below blue link to download the application

Download Now

After you successfully downloaded and installed in your phone and register with your phone number click the tap discover and the first one let’s chat lets win see the below image

And then you will the team who will do their match tomorrow select who will win if you guess is right after the match they will send you the 100 airtime.
But if you click share to boost prize they will send you 200 airtime on each play you win so if you choose all the match and you predicted is right you can get almost 800 airtime per day.

but you must place your bet before the football start so I encourage you to select the team who will win during night time or early morning before the play start.

Wish you best of luck

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