How to apply for Nigerian Navy batch 34


How to apply for Nigerian Navy batch 34

For those who find it difficult to apply we will guide you on how to apply just fellow the instructions below.

After you click in to the application link.
You will see this below imagen then you will click her to apply.


If you already have an account with the Nigerian Navy you will click login but for those who have not will have register.
First you will see where you’ll put your NIN number, Gmail address, create a password and confirm the same password you enter but the password must be like this for example Annor@1234
After that you will go and login with the same Gmail address and password you register it will redirect you to your dashboard.

After it take you to your dashboard you will see, the decoment you will need to fill up.

First there was bio-data:-
Where you will enter your name, surname, date of birth, state of origin, Hometawn, local government, phone number, wards, bvn, your height, marital status, gender, religion passport, hobbies etc.

After you click save Then you will scroll up your phone or computer and enter next of kin, there you will fill bio-data of your Guardian father or mother or brother etc.

After you save then you will go for the primary school you attend there you will put the name of the school you attend and the you start and year you graduate.

Then you will go for the secondary school and fill the name of school you graduate the year you start and year you graduate and name of certificate which is SSCE so after that you save and move to the next level.
Then you go for O’level there you will select the course and credit you get in your second certificate you must select at lest 5 course and credit you got and put your registration number.

Then for those who go-to tertiary institution like University or diploma or NCE,

You will fill the name of school school you attend and the year you start and year of graduate, class of degree and qualifications type.

And also you will put your referees which contains name of some person who work in government department, his address and his phone number,

Then you move to next step, where it shows details you will select which one of the following you have.

Have you taken Covid19 Vaccine?

Have you Served In Armed Forces?

Have you suffered any mental illness before?

Have you ever been convicted?

Do you have any disability?

If you go there you done application you will go and print your application slip keep and wait for the screening.

click here to apply

Wish you a best luck

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