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How to set and connect Stark VPN.


How to set and connect Stark VPN.

Remember you must download the Stark VPN application before you proceed to set and connect it, we already drop the link of VPN Stark application in the previous post now we’ll guide you on how to set and connect it.

Before you begin to enjoy the Stark VPN you must follow the below three 3 steps.

First step:- after you download and open the Stark VPN application you will find where it write Tweaks:None click there and proceed to the next level.
Check the below photo to ensure you’re in a exact place.

Step Two:- after you click tweat none it’ll show you like the below photo

There you will select MTN 100Mb Daily 2022.

Step three:- you will see where it shows ‘Disconnected’ see the below picture..

There you will click on that disconnected it’ll show some writing click yes and wait until it show connected,

finally you connected

So you will minimize on your phone and go use whatever you want to do.

Remember Everytime you done using Stark VPN application go and disconnected because you will not be able to used xender application in your phone if Stark VPN is connected.

Wish you a best of luck!

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