Government Empowerment:- Stil Now you can apply NGcare


Government Empowerment:- Stil Now you can apply NGcare.

NGcare portal is ongoing for those who still not apply they can easily apply,
As you know NGcare is a government Empowerment designed to help Nigerians to grow their local business and make Nigerian economy toward a better stage.

Thousands of people apply to these Empowerment but there are some who are yet to apply some might they don’t know about this program some think it’s waste of time to apply government Empowerment but they’re wrong this program was real is about to start paying peoples who already applied.

So what you’re waiting if you don’t apply and you still want apply I’m advice you to apply it will not take a long time but unfortunately some state portal are not running but first you have to check the below link to see if your state portal are going and do apply this Time.

Here are the below state who portal are still ongoing.

Sokoto state

Borno State

Zamfara State

Katsina State

Adamawa state

Yobe State

Jigawa state

Plateu state

Jigawa State

Kwara State

Lagos State

Anambra state

Bauchi State

Taraba State

Oyo state

Enugu State

Delta State

Rivers State

Edo State

Benue State

Kogi State

Ondo State

Abi State

If you’re having problem when apply visit out WhatsApp group for guidance.

We wish you a best of luck

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