How to contact Npower official.


How to contact Npower official.

This announcement come from the Npower office which enable the beneficiary to contact the Npower official.

As you know many people tried several times to contact the Npower but they don’t know how to contact them, some want to contact them because they need clarification of something or they need urgent help from them but they don’t know where to contact and complain to them.

So it’s very fortunate that the Npower office themselves announced on how to contact them when needs.

The Npower office provide some couple of phone numbers designed to contact them when people are want to complain to them.

Here is the below phone numbers where you can call them anytime and they will pick up as soon as possible.

(1) Call-N-Power – 092203102

(2) Call N-Power – 018888148

(3) Call N-Power- 018888340

(4) Call N-Power- 018888189

You can select one of the above phone numbers and call them, surely they will pick up and help you to fix your problem.

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