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How to create curriculum vitae C.V with your phone or PC.


How to create curriculum vitae C.V with your phone or PC.

What curriculum for mean? Curriculum vitae is a file or complete certificate of ones credentials save in one piece which can be use in job applications.

CV is useful in various ways some organization or Government job opportunity can ask you to send your CV when you’re about to fill their form.

CV can be both use in online job application and decomentation (physical form), some organization will ask you to send your CV via email address or to print it and submit to them, so it’s very important to create your own CV both save it your phone or PC as PDF and print it for urgent purpose.

CV is important for not only job application you might want apply Government empowerment or some training from organization or group of individuals and ask you to send CV so if you create you don’t mind or find it difficult you’ll just send them.

So if you don’t have the CV and you want create it don’t mind it not difficult to create but first you must fellow the below instructions.

  1. Your personal information and address: All of CV must begin with your personal information like name, address, phone number, Gmail address etc when creating CV you must avoid putting your family name, your ethnicity, your religion etc.
  2. Credentials: make sure to fill your credentials correctly and put the certificate honor like sr. BcS edu, BcS, HND, Dr. etc.
  3. Specialization: write down your award given during your study or during the work, practice you gain.
  4. Published: write the name of books or article you write it’s highly recommended.

Example of curriculum vitae:

Stage one: Personal information

Name: Ahmad Adamu
State: jigawa state
Local government: Hadejia
Quarters: Dubantu
House no:135,
Land mark: Behind Dubantu Primary school.

Here is the full address but if you have something you can add.

Stage Two: Education Qualifications.
Primary school: Dubantu primary school 2002-2008.
Junior school: Haruna junior science school 2008-2011
Secondary school: Government secondary school fanfo goma 2011-2014.
Diploma: Jigawa state polytechnic dutse 2014-2016.
Course: public administration.
Degree: Federal University Dutse 2017-2020.
BcS economic.
Master: Bayero University Kano.
Msc: economics.
Ahmed Bello University Zaria
PhD: economic.

Stage Three: specialization,
Teach in Government secondary school sambo 2014-2017,
Teach in Bulyamunu Usman polytechnic Hadejia, 2017-2020

You can add yours.

Stage four: Award obtain:

*Student president at jigawa state polytechnic, 2016.

  • Best teacher award from national union of teacher (NUT) 2015
  • Best student award at federal University Dutse (2019).

Stage five: Hobbies

  • Reading
  • Research
  • Football game
  • Basketball
  • Research paper etc

Stage six: Referee

Referee One.

Name: Mallam Umar Kakaki

phone number: 070787812146

Address: Dubawa kofar Mata Kano state

Rank: Head of Department at Kano state polytechnic

Referee: Two

Name: Hassan Halliru

phone number: 081235747367

Address: kofar fada Zaria, kaduna state.

Rank: ASP at kaduna state, Nigeria.

This how you will create your CV.

See the below picture to see how we create our own CV.

This are best application which you can create your CV as we do
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Wish you a best of luck

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