Some people from different states begin to benefit from NG-Care government support grant of money


Some people from different states begin to receive NG-Care money empowerment.

Like you know millions of people apply NG-Care beneficiary long time ago, so now we have heard some people from different state begins to receive their money as government promise them.

If you can remember the NG-CARE program was a government Empowerment designed to help those who run a small business to boast their business and/or start a new business for the purpose of improvement and development of Nigerian economy and get rid of unemployment.

The federal government save the millions of money which have been given to each state in Nigeria.

The state government of each states in Nigeria is now responsible for disbursement of this money.

Some designed on how to disbursement of the money some state do it in online others collect the details manually through filling form etc.

Now some state begins the money disbursement.

These states which begin disbursement of money include:
Oyo state,
Yobe state,
Kwara state,


Lagos etc.

So you just calm down and keep following us we’ll let you know as we get another update about NG-Care program and others government Empowerment.

Wish you best of luck

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