Special announcement to all BTC Satoshi miners.

Special announcement to BTC Satoshi miners.

This announcement was for all the Satoshi miners include those who join Satoshi long ago and stop mining and those who are still mining.

There are some people who stop mining Satoshi because they think it’s waste of time which they sqander their previous time without accomplish anything but this announcement will make you continue to mining your Satoshi if you read to the end.

The pioneer of BTC Satoshi introduce staking some people know what staking know but no doubt others didn’t know especially those who abondon Satoshi.

STAKING: simply means holding your coins and refuse to sell it until it becomes more highest in value and price.
For example,
Currently there are some people who staking their money through current account in several banks.
I.e you can open a current account in any bank and deposit some money, the bank run a business with this money and you will get 50% of the profit earn in this business.

The Satoshi pioneer will also adopt such strategy and it’ll be start after the Satoshi been launched.

The miners who have 10.6643, can staking their BTC Satoshi and at least $20 per week $150 per month.

So if you have above 10 or 20 or 30 etc you can staking it and earn money weekly or monthly.

But still there’s no fixed date for the laugh of BTC Satoshi, the Satoshi pioneer don’t disclose the date of launch yet.

So we can only encourage you to continue to mining your Satoshi because it’s not some hard you can only do it once in every 24hours and it will not consume your data or charge, you must be endure and patience before you achieve anything so if you like you can continue to mining your BTC Satoshi it might one day you’ll benefit from it.

Wish you best of luck

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