Apply employment opportunity from arewa24.


Apply employment opportunity from arewa24.

The arewa24 was one of the biggest TV station in northern Nigeria it carry it’s operation in 24/7,
Most of people in northern Nigeria are aware of arewa24 it have several program within and outside Africa countries.

Job description: social media staff.

Application Deadline: 5th September 202

Job Requirements:-

  1. Ability to develop and manage social media plan and strategy.
  2. Manage and implement social media contents, and posting tactics.
  3. Liaise with AREWA24 production teams and producers.
  4. Create innovative graphic designs, posts and video promos, Tik Tok videos, etc.
  5. Assisting in the preparation of social media data reports for Management.
  6. Help design, develop and implement regular online surveys.

Job certificate required:-

  1. An applicant must have experience at least 2 years at social media administrator.
  2. An applicant must have Strong interpersonal and communication tools – written and verbal.
  3. Must have Familiarity with web design and publishing.
  4. Must be able to speak Hausa fluency; Some English capabilities are also desirable.
  5. Good understanding of social media metrics and measurement.
    6.must have Understanding of SEO and web traffic metrics.
  6. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

To apply send your CV to:-

If you don’t have CV click the below link to create yours.

Wish you a best of luck

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