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If you don’t enjoy MTN free unlimited browsing you better begin now


Unlimited free browsing currently working massively.

Many people are still enjoying free MTN unlimited data browsing with high speed internet access but they’re some who are not aware about this massive opportunity,

You can browse from morning to night and data connected without interrupt even if it interrupt it will continue to reconnect automatically.

The most highly speed internet free browsing was connect with two giant Application Ha tunnel and Stark VPN.

We’ll help you to know to how enjoy this amazing Application.
First we begins with Ha-tunnel plus. You might know Ha-tunnel but this was the new updated one.
Fellow the below steps to connect yours.

First you must download the Ha-tunnel plus in playstore for Android user.

The below here is the link for Ha-tunnel plus
Click here to download

After you successfully download install and continue with procedures.

At the right top of your screen in Ha-tunnel plus Application you will see the 3 box bar click it.
See the below image for more convincing.

Then you will select check update but you must have the data in your sim before you pass this steps.
Check below image

After you done there it will direct you to the Ha-tunnel plus dashboard above the start column you see find some tab bar as indicated in the below image click on In it to continue.

Also scroll down find the (NGA)[MTN Unlimited?2022] click in it and continue, it will redirect you to dashboard.

Click start and wait for a moment it Will connect within short Time.

So you done connected it.

For those who need Stark VPN click the below blue link to connect it. It’s quite easy to connect and past internet working

Wish you best of luck

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