Apply National Population Commission ad-hoc recruitment for 2023 Census


Please recall that the Commission at its 201 meeting approved the use of the e Recruitment portal for the recruitment of the 2023 Population and Housing Census (PHC) Ad-hoc functionaries. The portal will be used to recruit personnel within and outside the Commission for the various roles required for the Census activities.

  • In view of the foregoing. I am directed to inform you that all interested categories of applicants (internal and external), without exceptions, must register on the e-Recruitment portal to be eligible for engagement and deployment as a field functionary in the 2023 PHC.
  • The categories of field staff needed will include:


:. Training Centre Administrators
:. Monitoring & Evaluation Officers
:. Data Quality Managers
:. Data Quality Assistants
:. Supervisors
:. Enumerators

  • The number of functionaries to be recruited in each category will depend on the number of available vacancies in each state, which will be derived largely from the total number of Enumeration Areas (EAs) in the States.

*To ensure an efficient recruitment selection process, the Honourable Federal Commissioners (HFCs) will, in addition to the existing team at the State Level, constitute a Local Government Area Recruitment Team (LRRT) which will comprise of 3 persons as follows;

a) The Comptrollers – Chairperson,
b) One NPC staff who has NPC file and IPPIS numbers- (as Desk Officer/Secretariat)
c) Local Government Official.


  • To be eligible for consideration and engagement as a functionary in the Census, all candidates must have the following:

:. National Identification Number (NIN)
:. Valid and Functional Gmail Account
:. Valid and Functional Phone Number
:. Valid and Functional Commercial Bank Account (No student/NYSC Account)

Interested Applicants should click the below blue link to apply

Apply Now

Note the application link are having serious problem you might not experience any problem but when you do keep trying we’ll update you the moment when everything is going normally.

Wish you best of luck

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